Monday, 11 April 2016

My Camp Moment in Time Writing

My senses wake up and it takes a moment before I remember where I am. I find the soft camp bed terribly hot, and in frustration I rip my sleeping bag off and sit up. I glance over to Ruby's bed, and find she's awake. A few others are awake and we talk. My mum is gone and we are rather loud. The curtains fly open and foggy light slides into the room. In strides my mum and we get ready. Only then do I sadly realise that this is out last day at camp. I step out and the cold but slightly warm air strikes my face. I am cozy in my shorts and jersey, I step out onto the dewey grass and sit down. The grey sky looms down on me and I wonder if it will rain. The excitement buzzes through the air and then only the birds can be heard. I wonder what adventures the day is going to bring.

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