Monday, 11 April 2016

Camp Writing

I wrote this as a newspaper article. I hope you like it!

A Blast at Mountain Valley Camp!

Some of you will know what - and where - Mountain Valley Adventure Lodge is.
At Havelock North Primary School Room 4 and 5 went to camp. And you guessed it: At Mountain Valley.

For these activities we will be following just 1 group. (My group!)

It was a long trip in the car for everyone, and everyone was relieved to get out.

They went into their cabins after a safety talk and went straight back out again.

Let’s start the activities off with White Water Rafting: Bump bump bump went the bus. Everyone started singing The Wheels on the Bus on the old bus that they were on.They arrived and they all got into their boat, and after a quick lesson of how to paddle and some safety rules, they got into the water and set off.  After a few rapids they came to Carnage Corner. Splish! Splash! Crash! They smacked into the cliff and everyone laughed and screamed. They carried on and then they got to the end.  All of them had to try to get into the eddie. Most of them did, and then they were allowed to keep going up the river to the bank. They all ran back to the cabins and dried off.

Then it was dinner time and everyone ate and had dessert. The dinner was coleslaw and pasta. The dessert was apple crumble.

After that they went to check out glowworms, and we saw heaps!

The next day was Archery, Pioneering and Horse riding.

Archery was first for this group. The arrows were aimed, then shot. The balloon was popped. Then it was time for the air pistols. They were silent and the bullets shot through the air. It was finished! Time for Pioneering!

At Pioneering we had to build a bridge and we learnt two knots: Reef Knot and a Clove Hitch. We also learnt Lashing.

Time for lunch! We ate our own, and this group was excited for horse riding!

This story is said partly in my point of view.
At the start there was a lesson on how to ride and how to care for horses. I rode a horse called Chilli, and she was amazing. We walked around the property and I was allowed to trot, but I was close enough to the horse ahead.
At the end we went back and put our horses away. Time for the Mud Run Soon!

There were many activities in the mud run, and almost everyone finished it. There was a waterslide, barbed wire, and they had to walk across a lake on a rope! It was so much fun! At the end we were allowed in the river.
Once again in my point of view: I suggested that we could run so the water flew off us, and then Mrs Te Whaiti told me where the hot showers were. Yay!

After that it was the Lip Sync Concert/Battle and my group sung Lush Life by Zara Larsson. We had our performance all planned out, but we only got to do half the song.

Then it was dinner and tonight was the cook out! A few people brung back twigs, while the other groups had their fires started! Apparently it was quite nice, but I didn't have any.
Dessert was pavlova and toasted marshmallows.

The next day we did river testing - it was so much fun! The water quality was very good for the Mohaka River. We tested the amount of and which Macroinvertebrates, the water clarity, the speed, the smell, the temperature and amount of algae.

After that we hopped in the cars and drove home.

What a fun camp!

By Jaimee


  1. good job Jaimee ,but maybe you should cut some of the words out because you don't really need the part were it said after that we hoped into the cars and drove home. thanks
    by Ruby

  2. Well done Jaimee maybe you could've cut out the soon at the end of the sentence when you said time for the mud run soon because it didn't really make sense.